Sometimes users may fail to access tplinkwifi.net, and getting the error while connecting to the TP-Link. There are lots of reasons for this error to occur. Here, you will learn all the reasons for this error. Continue reading.

Antivirus software and Firewall security

Antivirus software and Firewall security tp-link

Sometimes your device firewall setting is ON, and your router has a security feature. In this case, it will stop the tplinkwifi.net from accessing. If you have not restart or reboot your TP-Link router for a longer time, then you need to restart your device.

Firmware Error

Firmware Error tp-link

The old firmware version of the router is also one of the reasons for occurring this error, so first check the firmware of your router and update your router’s firmware.

Invalid Network connection

Sometimes users connected their device to someone else’s wi-fi network and trying to connect to the TP-Link router, so this is also might be the reason. Disconnect other networks and then try to connect with the TP-Link router.

So these are some reasons listed above that occur error while accessing the TP-Link router. We also have mentioned the basic solution steps to resolve this error.

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve this error :

  1. Foremost, verify that your device must be connected to the wi-fi network of the TP-Link router.
  2. Delete and clear all the cache, cookies, and history of the web browser.
  3. You can also use another browser or device.
  4. Go with IP address instead of tplinkwifi.net.
  5. Power cycle your TP-Link router as well as a modem. Restart all the connected devices such as desktop, laptop, or phone.
  6. In case you have connected with multiple connections, then disconnect the wi-fi network from all the other devices.
  7. Disable your firewall and antivirus software.
  8. If all the above-listed steps fail to resolve this error, then perform a factory reset to your router.

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