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How to change the tp-link wi-fi username and password?

Secure your TP-Link wi-fi router by changing the administrative username and password. Here, in this article, we explain the two ways to change tplinkwifi password and username. Setp 1: change tplinkwifi password and username. In the first step, open a web browser on your device that should be connected to your router’s network. On the […]

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Steps to update TP-Link router firmware

How to Upgrade your TP-Link router firmware in the quickest way

As the firmware update is the essential part of the wi-fi router, an outdated firmware generates the issue when you use the wi-fi router. Moreover, updated firmware provides new features and security features. Like, we regularly update our computer, laptop, smartphone, or other devices to add new functions and features. In this article, we give […]

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