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A router is a networking device that connects two or more networks that transmit data between them. The Tp-link brand is more secure and reliable to the users whether in case of technology, networking devices, etc. It includes modems and routers for household and office use. The gives many updates which are very useful for the user in high performance. Their products supply every corner of the world and also enhance their technology. Tp-link Wi-Fi is quite easy to install and setup. By typing “” on your URL bar, you can easily access the Tp-link router. not working Sometimes users get the error while accessing the, or in some cases, you may get not any response. Here in this section, we provide you some troubleshooting steps to solve this error. First, verify that your device should connect to the TP-Link router’s network. If you are not connected, then you will not be able to access the router login page with the web address connected with the network, you still receiving the error message then you have to clear the cache and history of your web browser.Meanwhile, you can access the different web browser to log in.In some cases, users fail to access the router using the web address. So you can also use the IP address… Read More..
TP-Link Archer AX50 Setup TP-Link Archer AX50 Enhance your home Wi-Fi Network with the TP-Link Archer AX50 AC3000 router. These routers come with four external high-gain antennas. Its beamforming technology gives a high signal to all connected devices. tp link AX50 router comes with advanced features and delivers high performance to your home Wi-Fi coverage. TP-Link Tether app make its setup easy. You can easily set up your router within a few minutes. By using the Tether app, you can control and manage your home Wi-Fi network from your smartphone. TP-Link Archer AX50 Setup Are you trying to set up your AX50 router? Then, you are in the right place. In this article, we will explain to you the complete process of TP-Link Setup. Steps… Read More..
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Login to TP-Link AC1900 C9 Wireless router How to Setup TP-Link AC1900 C9 Wireless router TP-Link AC1900 C9 is the best wireless router of the Tplinkwifi series. Its Gigabit Wi-Fi connection makes a bandwidth application such as HD streaming videos, online gaming, and web browsing. You can enjoy a super-fast, high-performance network in your connected home devices. The three dual-band antennas give a continuous Wi-Fi network to all connected devices in every corner of the house.   Besides, AC1900 C9 wireless router comes with more advanced features like parental control, Easy setup, and guess network. Take advantage of these features with the tp link C9 router. Here, In this article, We will help you to Setup your TP-Link C9 router.  Steps to Setup Tplinkwifi AC1900 C9 Router Are you wondering how to Setup your Tplinkwifi C9… Read More..


Selecting a Wi-Fi router is not easy because you can’t assume a router by its box. So, Why we choose the Tp-link Wi-Fi router? Tp-link keeps the world connected with the network device. It is updated with various features that help the user’s life quite easy. With the help of the Tp-link modem, you can see the distinction in the range and speed on your connected devices. With the proper Tp-link Switches, you can get a great output of the internet for your business place and your home network as well. Tp-link Wi-Fi router setup is quite easy, and it gives a secure connection to the user. So, the user chooses the Tp-link router over the other brand. So, the user chooses the Tp-link router rather than the other brand.

TP-LINK Wi-Fi Router

How to setup

If you purchase a new Tp-link Router, then configure and set up the router is very simple. All of us are using the internet on all devices, and working without the internet in the office environment is not possible. The tp-link router setup easy to access by using and also by using the IP address This guide will cover how to set up your Tp-link Wi-Fi router.

Steps for Setup TP-link Wi-Fi router

Steps for Setup TP-link Wi-Fi router

  • Firstly, locate a power source outlet then, plug your router into the power socket and turn it on.
  • Now connect your computer or any device with a Tp-link router through an Ethernet cable.
  • After that open the web browser Like Google chrome or internet explorer.
  • Now, type the on the address bar of the internet browser and tap enter key.
  • After entering the Tp-link router login page, you need to enter login details of your router.
  • Click ok after typing ADMIN as the username and the Password If you have not changed the default details.
  • Choose the current region in which you are living, and you are needed to input the security password.
  • In the last step, set up SSID (network name ) and password (network key) for your available router.
  • Save all the settings and reboot your Tp-link router after the setup process.

Thus, your Tp-link Wi-Fi router set up process done.

TP-Link Router Login via

If you have a Tp-link Wi-Fi router and decided to configure it by itself, then you will have to log in to the router. You can easily configure your router with the following steps.

TP-link Wi-Fi login steps

  1. Firstly ensure that you are connected with the Wi-Fi router network and will get to you to the login internet protocol as well as its control panel. For making a connect, you need to use wired and wireless connections.
  2. Open your web browser and type the IP address 168.1.1 or or web address to enter the login page of your router.
  3. Once you will enter thenet login admin page, type the default login details for user name and password. If you have already changed, then type your login details.
  4. Now, press on the login button, and you are successfully logged to your TP-Link router settings.
TP-link Wi-Fi login steps doesn’t work

Tp-link is the most trustworthy brand which gives the best networking devices such as routers, modems, and extenders. The users can log in to router by using the webpage address “” or by using default IP address, which is But sometimes users face the Tp-link Wi-Fi not working error in the login page. If you are still facing this error with the login page of the Tp-link router then, follow these steps to fix the problem. doesn’t work
  1. Ensure that your router internet is working correctly and also check your device is connected with the Tp-link Wi-Fi router.
  2. After that, you have to clear your cache and history of your web browser.
  3. Make sure that all the lights are on because LEDs light depicts the problem if they are switch off.
  4. Examine troubleshoot problems of the router network by ensuring safe and proper connections.
  5. Still facing the error then, you can reset your modem and turned it off for about 10 seconds and after that switch on.

Reset the Tp-link Router by Quick Method

In some circumstances, the users need to reset the administrator for security issues, and sometimes you forget the Wi-Fi password, so in these cases, you have to reset your router. To reset the Wi-Fi router, you have to erase the previous setting and restore the initial state. The following article will guide you on how to reset the Tp-link Wi-Fi router.

There are two methods to reset: Method 1:Hard reset
  1.  Firstly turn on the power of the router, then press and hold the Reset button for about to 10-15 seconds, till the SYS LED converts quick-flash from slow-flash.
  2. Release the button and wait for the router to restart to its factory default settings.
Reset the Tp-link Router hard reset

Method 2: Router’s Web Interface

reset tplinkwifi router web interface
  1. Make sure that the router turned on before it restarts.
  2. You can use default credentials or IP address that you found at the bottom label of the product.
  3. The default login username and password both are admin.
  4. After login then go to Advanced->System Tools -> Backup & Restore -> Factory Default Restore.
  5. Then click on the Factory Restore and wait until the Router to reboot to its factory default settings.

Change Tp-link Username and Password

Wi-Fi is the best way to provide a good network in the office environment. It is also a great way to connect with your friends and any family member, but an unsafe Wi-Fi can provide your personal information at risk. You can change your router password for a secure network. This article will guide how to change your Wi-Fi username and password. The procedure of changing the default login details is quite simple, and it will take only 5 to 10 minutes. Here, some steps to change the username or password for

  1. Firstly, connect the router by using the Ethernet cable.
  2. Open an internet browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, etc.
  3. Find the web address of the Tp-link Wi-Fi router to the URL bar of the internet browser.
  4. Now, a login page displays on the screen and then press the enter key.
  5. Then, the system asks you to type the old username and password in the required fields.
  6. After that, a quick setup window displays on the screen, and click to next.
  7. Enter the new username and password to the wireless network name, then click to save.
  8. Type the new password in the tab which is front of the wireless password field.
Change Tp-link Username and Password

Firmware Update Of Tp-link Wi-Fi Router

Updating the Firmware is an essential part of the router. It will give you the best networking performance from your router. Most advanced firmware for your router ensures that there are no bugs and also the highest possible network security. With the latest firmware, the router gives a smooth and stable network experience with your devices. It will help to make a protected network and also boost up the router that helps to improve the speed of the internet. The user will view the amazing difference in the speed of your network. The following note needed for the firmware update of the router:-

Important Note To Remember:

  • Ensure that not to unplug any cable from the router.
  • Make sure does not power off the router while upgrading the firmware.
  • Do not plug any USB device in the router.
  • Ensure that before updating the firmware, back up the present configuration.
  • Do NOT upgrade the firmware via the wireless connection, only update with a wired connection.
  • Verify the hardware version of your device while updating the firmware of your router because some models have various hardware versions.
Read all the notes very carefully of Firmware which you want to download.

Manual Update Of Firmware:

  1. Launch the web browser and downloaded the latest version of your router from the Tp-link support website.
  2. Verify that the model number of your router is correct before downloading the firmware.
  3. Find the desired location on your device and save the downloaded file.
  4. After that, open the web browser and enter net in the address bar and press the enter key.
  5. Now you will be prompted for default login details.
  6. Here, you can put the default username and password is “admin” for both if you not changed the default details.
  7. Now, Go to advanced and click on system tools.
  • Once you have logged in then, the quick setup will display.
  • Click on browse, then on the left side, the firmware upgrade tab will appear.
  • Here you will need to wait for a couple of minutes till the firmware upgrade is complete. Then open the downloaded firmware file while clicking on ok.
  • When the firmware upgrading process is complete, then the device automatically reboots itself.

Online Update Of  Firmware:

  1. Firstly, open the web browser and enter the default web address “” or IP address “192.168.01“.
  2. Here, it prompted for the Tp-link ID or password of the router, which you set up for your router.
  3. After that, when the latest firmware is available for your router, it will display an icon on the top-right corner of the page. You have to click on the icon and go for the firmware update for your router.
  4. Go to Advanced>System Tools>Firmware Upgrade, then click for the update.
  5. Now you will need to wait till all the lights are stable and the router reboots accurately.

Thus, you’re Tp-link Wi-Fi router Firmware successfully updates.

How Do I Log Into The Web-Based Utility Of The Tp-link Router?

When you completed the initial setup of your router, then you need to login to the router web-based management page to change the default credentials setting and for getting all the information of the router. It is a built-in internal web server that does not require an internet connection to login into the router web page. Though,  your device must connect to the Tp-link Wi-Fi router. Whether, through a wired or wireless connection, after that, you can log into the web-based management page from the desktop computer, PC, or any device. After logging to the router, you can also control and manage the Tp-link router.
Follow the mentioned steps:-
  1. First and foremost step, connect your device wired or wireless on the router.
  2. Launch a web browser (i.e Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer) and type the in the address bar.
    Note: If you do not find the default address of your router, then please find it on the bottom label of the product.
  3. Now, a small box appears on your screen to login with the router default credentials.
  4. Type the router Username and Password in the required fields. The default Username and Password are admin in lowercase if you have not changed the default factory settings.
  5. Now you are successfully logged in Web-based utility management page. Once you logged in you can change the settings of your router.
Web-Based Utility Of The Tp-link Router

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